Fueled by smart thinking, hard work and a proven process, LewisCarnegie works in a variety of design disciplines with a primary goal to engage and motivate audiences. Can we help you with your big ideas as well as the little things that make all the difference? You bet.

Our strategy for print design
is to engage the audience.

Our strategy for signage
is to engage the audience.

Our strategy for illustration
is to engage the audience.

Our strategy for identity design
is to engage the audience.

Our strategy for web design
is to engage the audience.

We are visual communicators

We start by distilling the relevant brand elements and figuring out how to convey key messages in a visual way. With each project, whether it’s digital, print, outdoor, or something totally new, our goal is to design an experience that encapsulates the brand and resonates with the audience. Because of that, you’ll notice that we don’t have a typical style—each of our projects has a unique look and voice that suits its end goals. Head down, pencils up, we understand the creative process and are able to transform final deliverables that are both effective and memorable. Approachable, empathetic and fun, we care about people, our community and pride ourselves in honest and straight forward language when speaking to creative, milestones, budgets, strategies and schedules.

We love
  • design with a sense humor.
  • debating whether "Lorem Ipsum" is Greek or Latin.
  • anything a little over printing can fix.
  • Polaroid pack film – preferably Fuji 3000 B&W.
  • drawing small.
  • secret swimming holes.
  • when Sean plays the Barbara Streisand
    and Barry Gibbs album. Again.
  • fresh fruit pie with a homemade crust
  • deadlines.
  • shiny objects..
  • the Greenbelt.
  • opening our space to the community.
  • a great idea.
  • bad jokes
  • at least ten taco joints nearby.
  • commuting by bike.
  • playing records in the gallery.
  • a clever concept.
  • sunset laps at Barton Springs.